KoskiPly Hardwood Teak/Teak


KoskiPly birch teak/teak is a strong but flexible birch plywood with a special surface, which is especially suitable for laser cutting and engraving.

The teak surface is a stylish choice for many different applications where a lot is technically required of the material: lightness, strength and thin structure.


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KoskiPly Hardwood Teak/Teak is a thin plywood with teak surface veneer and birch veneer core. Like all our web shop products, Teak thin plywood is suitable to laser cutting.

Teak hardwood surfaced thin plywood is a classic choice for many applications like jewelry, hobby and handcrafts.

Technical specifications

Properties of plywood product

  • Consistent and light structure
  • Suitable for laser cutting
  • Light colored cutting edge
  • Strong and light
  • Excellent bending strength
  • Easy to work or treat
  • Environmentally friendly and renewable raw material

Available thicknesses

  • 3,0 mm

Available sheet sizes

  • 610 x 305 mm

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



3,0 mm


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