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KoskiPly Birch Economy Interior

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Durable thin plywood with excellent bending strength for those who appreciate the natural beauty and great technical properties of birch – suitable for laser cutting

KoskiPly economy interior is a strong but flexible plywood material, which is particularly well suited to laser cutting and carving. The seamless birch veneer face is a natural and stylish choice for a variety of purposes with high technical demands on lightness, strength and thin structure.

  • Thin plywood with excellent bending strength is a great choice when a thin and durable material is needed. The Finnish-made birch plywood is particularly well suited to laser cutting and carving.
  • Easy to work with common woodworking machinery, as the high-quality plywood does not crack or break when worked.
  • The seamless, light and smooth birch veneer surface is a stylish and natural choice for lighting fixtures, furniture components, instruments, jewellery and design products, for example.You can also easily treat the surface with a coating material, such as wax, lacquer or stain, after working.
  • The environmentally friendly and non-toxic birch veneer sheet can be safely used in food packages and toys.

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Thin, durable and seamless birch plywood sourced from renewable and sustainably managed forests

KoskiPly economy interior thin plywood is intended for technically demanding uses, which require the plywood to be simultaneously durable, strong, light and thin. The plywood’s cross-banded structure is formed by thin lathed birch veneers, which are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The surface veneer thickness is 0.5 mm, and the interior veneers are 1.0 mm thick.

Plywood with high bending strength for the production of speakers, drums and other instruments

Since the KoskiPly economy interior plywood boasts excellent bending strength, it is the perfect choice when a thin and durable material is needed. The material’s properties truly shine in the production of scale models, speakers, drums, guitars and other instruments, for example. Most of all, KoskiPly economy interior is perfect for uses where the material needs to be durable and meet demanding technical requirements.

The natural grain patterns are a wonderful detail in furniture and related components

The surface of the KoskiPly economy interior plywood is made up of seamless and thin-lathed birch veneer, with the grain patterns giving it a natural, elegant and unique look. The surface of the panel can be left untreated to accentuate the beautiful grain patterns shaped by nature. You can also lacquer, wax or stain the surface like any other wood surface. The lightness and natural grain patterns of the birch are a perfect fit for Scandinavian tastes, which makes this product an excellent choice for furniture production and interior design. Two surface quality options, AB/B and BR/BR, are available, depending on the purpose of use and the quality of the surface veneer required by the end use.

The safe and non-toxic birch plywood made of thin veneer can be worked with a variety of woodworking equipment, such as CNC, laser cutting or waterjet cutting machinery

The most eye-catching details and inspiring shapes can be created from plywood panels that do not crack or break when worked. The thin plywood is flexible, light and easy to work with any woodworking machinery.  Suitable for food industry use, KoskiPly economy interior is a safe material for both people and animals, and it can be shaped or carved with laser cutting machinery. The plywood can also be shaped by means of waterjet cutting.  Thanks to the easy workability, you can use the product for making any shapes from furniture components to small items, such as plywood jewellery and interior decoration items.

Our KoskiPly economy interior plywood also meets the requirements of the EN 71-3 standard, which ensures that the birch plywood product can be safely used for the manufacture of toys, jigsaw puzzles and other products intended for children. As the name indicates, KoskiPly economy interior thin plywood is only suitable for indoor use.

Thin plywood can be used for a wide range of purposes

Thin plywood can be used forlaser and waterjet cutting, doors, cabinets, screens, wall panels, furniture and their components, sound insulation lattices, carpentry, lighting fixtures, interior decoration items, toys, jigsaw puzzles, souvenirs, gift packages, cards, decorative pictures, posters, crafts items, decorative items, plywood jewellery, handicrafts, sunglasses, eyeglasses, smartphone and table covers, scale models, drums, guitars and speakers.

General information on Koskisen’s thin plywood products

Koskisen Thin Plywood Industry has decades of history in plywood production. All of our thin plywood products are manufactured amidst the best birch forests in the country at our Hirvensalmi facility from first-rate birch timber harvested from sustainably managed forests. To us, the customers’ needs always come first. Our goal is to make products that are so high in quality that they serve to bolster the business of our customers. Cooperation is the path to the best end result.

Technical specifications

Properties of the plywood product

  • Consistent and light structure
  • High-quality material that does not crack
  • Light and beautiful veneer face grain patterns
  • Strong, light and bendable
  • Excellent bending strength
  • Easy to work or treat
  • Easy to bend to different shapes
  • Environmentally friendly and renewable raw material
  • Food grade quality
  • For safe toy production; meets the requirements of the toy safety standard EN 71-3
  • Suitable for laser and waterjet cutting and CNC machining
  • Good impact and vibration resistance
  • Good acoustic properties


  • interior

Available qualities

  • AB/B = Prime
  • BR/BR = Hobby

Available thicknesses

  • 3,0 mm
  • 4,0 mm

Available surface sheet sizes

  • 1200 x 600 mm
  • 600 x 600 mm
  • 300 x 300 mm

Additional information

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3,0 mm, 4,0 mm


1200 x 600, 600 x 600, 300 x 300