Extremely thin and flexible plywood for printing and laser cutting, sourced from sustainably managed forests

The super thin KoskiFlex birch plywood is for those who require extreme bendability and flexibility. The seamless birch veneer surface can be shaped with laser cutting and carving machines, as well as other common woodworking machines. KoskiFlex birch plywood is also perfect for printing, as colours printed on the surface are vivid and the print resolution is extremely high.
  • Highly flexible and thin Finnish-made birch plywood, which is particularly well suited to printing and laser cutting.
  • Easy to work with other woodworking machinery as well, as the high-quality plywood does not crack or break when worked.
  • The seamless, light and smooth birch veneer surface is a stylish and natural choice for lighting fixtures, jewellery and design products, for example. You can also easily treat the surface with a coating material, such as wax, lacquer or stain, after working.
  • The environmentally friendly and non-toxic birch veneer sheet can be safely used in food packages and toys.